The Cars

From July 1956 until May 1958 Holden made the FE Holden.  The FE came in a variety of models and a wide array of colours.  Then the FC Holden followed and was the dominant car sold in Australia in 1958 and 1959.  So many Australian families owned an FE or FC and memories abound of “Dad’s FC” or Grandad’s FE”.

At the 17th FE FC Nationals at Easter 2018 in Canberra there will be a variety of cars displaying the different sorts of body shapes and specifications in which these iconic cars were made.  There will be sedans, wagons (actually called station sedans), utilities and panel vans.  There will be Specials and Standards and hopefully some of the rarer Business model.  There will be steel and chrome.

Here are some tasters of what you might see – photos from previous Nationals and photos of some of the cars already entered for the 17th Nationals in Canberra.