Paul's FC Holden Special Station Sedan

  • 186 cubic in , single 2bbl 350 Holley, Stage 3 Yellow Terra Head (202 head), Std Bore & Pistons, Steel Crank from 149 cubic in with oversize bearings, Standard Rods, Cobra Cam 292 degree duration (Cuts in 2,200 rpm & revs to 5,200 rpm) and Blue motor oil pump.
  • Aussie 4 speed M20
  • EH Housing, 3.08 Course Spline centre from LH Torana
  • LJ Torana Rotors and Calipers (Front)
  • Power Booster VH40-L Remote Hydra-vac
  • EH Shoes and Drums (Rear)
  • Absynth Yellow
  • Wheels Dragway Splats
  • 14 x 7 Rear
  • 13 x 7 Front
  • Rear 195/60R14 Bridgestone G Grid
  • Front 205/65R13 RE92
  • Original Roof Lining, Door Trims and Rear Seats
  • Console LH Torana
  • Front Seats Chrysler Sigma
  • Gear Shifter Modified Commodore Shifter
  • Black Carpet
Other Stuff
  • Previous Owners: Unknown.
  • Mileage: Lots
  • History: My FC Holden Special Station Sedan which was originally Two-Colour Green registered in South Australia for all of its life as 170 070. Its second coat of paint was white but now it is painted Absynth Yellow. I have completed most of the rebuilds myself and spent many hours on it. It has had 3 engines in it in the time i have owned it, 138 cubic inch standard, 149 cubic inch and now a 186 cubic inch .
  • Original Purchase Price: $50 in 1986



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