Tony Wojciechowski's FC Holden Special Sedan
(Modified)1959 FC Special - late Adelaide built car

  • 179 HP completely rebuilt with lowered compression for unleaded fuel. Twin carbies, extractors and electronic distributor for dress up and better fuel economy. A HR radiator has been fitted to an altered front cowl.
  • Original 3 speed, reconditioned with 'truck' floor shift fitted
  • EH
  • EH drums all round with modified front wheel cylinders (HR) and power booster.
  • Lowered 1 and half inches all round with gas shocks and heavy duty front and rear sway bars.
  • Paint: White on Black in pearl paint (Mazda colours).
Wheels & Tyres
  • Steel 13x7
  • Yokohama
  • All new headlining, carpets, sound proofing, seat and door trims
    in black and white. All original equipment.
Other Stuff
  • Registration No: SA RCD 224
  • Previous Owners: ?
  • Mileage: ?
  • History: This car was modified in the early 70's. It had International quad headlights, FE grill, EH front and rear end, truck floor shifter adapted, electric wipers (cable driven) and heater system. If anyone knows of this cars history drop me a line.
  • I'm changing the front of the car back to stock and adding a Smith's 'beehive heater'. I'll retain all other modifications and features. Of course there will be sound system as well. I want the car to replicate something that would have been built (mechanically) in the late 60's early 70's - hence the drum brakes and some period features etc.



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