The FE Special Sedan and Station Sedan were available in either single tone or two-tone paintwork. In either case the second colour was applied to the roof of the vehicle, as in the example below left:

The FE had only one colour scheme

Click on the small FC images below to see an example of the style

This was one of the reasons that after-market trims such as those manufactured by Tilli were so popular.

During the eighteen months the FC was available, it was produced in no less than three different paint configurations. These are shown below, with the dates each style was introduced at each plant. The word "Insert" refers to the window frames on each door, and the quarter panel area above the "flash".



Initial Style (Launch):

Roof, Boot and Insert


  • May 1958 at all factories.


May 1958 Example

Click on the images for a photo of a car in each style.

Late 1958 Style:

Boot and Insert. (Small piece of Stainless trim used to separate colours at "C" pillar)


  • NSW: November 1958
  • Vic: December 1958
  • SA: January 1959


Late 1958 Example



Mid 1959 Style:

Insert only (Chrome tail-fin extended right up to front-most edge of "C" pillar)


  • NSW: May 1959
  • Vic: June 1959
  • SA: May 1959


Mid 1959 Example


Flashing brake-light example


Orange indicators were also introduced halfway into the mid-59 style (see image, far right). The lenses were fitted in place of the clear reversing lights (althought the wiring and fittings which made the reversing light work were an accessory item). In previous styles (and FEs), the brake-light flashed as the indicator, as per the image on the left. All FCs built from 1 October 1959 until the end of the series had the orange indicators fitted as standard, and of course these lenses followed on through the FB and EK utes and panelvans.



Clear Indic

Amber Indic

Clear (1958)

Amber (1959)


Thanks to Ken McLean for providing me with this data, and clearing up the argument once and for all regarding whether orange indicators are original or not. If you still don't believe, it is recorded in GMH Service Bulletin number H 150-G.

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