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GMH Body Plate

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Model Designations:

Fairly obviously, this is either "FE" or "FC".


Model Numbers:

There are four basic body-styles. Sedans and Station Sedans (known these days as station wagons), had two levels of finish: Standard and Special. The Special included slightly better quality seat fabric, indicators fitted, two-tone paint-work (generally), and additional chrome.

215 Standard Sedan
225 Special Sedan
217 Business Sedan
219 Standard Station Sedan
229 Special Station Sedan
2104 Panel Van
2106 Utility


Vehicle Number:

This identifies the vehicle by model, body-style and factory where produced. In this example, the vehicle is the 2,551st FE Special Sedan manufactured in Sydney.


City of Manufacture:

This is the city in which the body was manufactured, as opposed to the factory in which the car was assembled. That is identified on the body number, stamped on the inner guard. There were only factories in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

S Sydney
M Melbourne
B Brisbane (Assembly Only)
A Adelaide
P Perth (Assembly Only)


GMH Paint Code:

This number identifies the exterior colour combination.
Click here for specific codes. This particular combination represents Teal Blue over Elk Blue.


GMH Trim Code:

This number defines the colour combination for the interior trim. For specific codes, click here: [FE] [FC]
#467 is Summit Blue and Cosmos Grey.


GMH Paint Type:

This number identifies the kind of paint, and whether it is Lacquer or Metallic type.

DUCO 253, 256 Lacquer
206, 207,208, 260 Metallic
DULON 565, 585 Lacquer
567, 587 Metallic

Note that Etna Maroon was the only metallic colour offered.


Paint Code:

These numbers identify the actual paint colour number. Where two sets of numbers are shown, these represent the colours for a two-tone paint scheme. Click here for finer detail of these numbers. In this example, 7481 is Elk Blue, and 7478 is Teal Blue. Click here for examples of the different paint schemes on the FE and FC models.


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