The following pages are a guide to the genuine Nasco accessories that were available for the FE and FC Holdens. In most cases there is a short description, a part number and a diagram to help identify these items.

Trim and Style Accessories


Safety, Security and Performance Accessories

Creature Comfort Accessories

Care and Maintenance Accessories

Non-Nasco Accessories

In addition to all the accessories produced under the NASCO name, there were also plenty of other manufacturers making items for the FE and FC Holden, such as:

More accessories will be added to this section soon.

Nasco stands for "National Automotive Service Company", and was the brand under which General Motors Holden sold many spares and accessories. This brand and logo predates the Holden motor car: the date of its introduction is unknown, but was probably after 1929 when GM bought Holden, who were the largest body building organisation in Australia at that time.

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