This page contains links to Macromedia Flash movies which allow you to view various colour combinations that were available during the production of FE and FC model Holdens.

Please enjoy the opportunity to see the vast choice of colours available to Holden customers in the mid to late 1950's.

The bottom of the page contains some notes which may be useful to first time users.




FC Sedan - Initial Paint Scheme


FC Sedan - Mid Paint Scheme

Panel Van

FC Sedan - Final Paint Scheme


1. To successfully view the movies you must have Internet Explorer 5.X or greater and Macromedia Flash 5.0 player installed.

2. Where possible, colours have been re-created from actual paint samples from the era - however due to differences in your monitor, video card, and browser, colours depths and quality will vary. Darker colours will be more susceptible to this colour change.

3. To use the painters just click on the button for the body part you wish to paint, select your colour (as you move your mouse over the colours text will appear describing the original colour name), click your selected colour, and the tool will paint your body part and add the colour name to the header. Continue until your FE or FC is painted.

4. If you would like to save a picture of the image you have created you will need to take a 'screenshot':

MacOSX: Use the Grab utility (choose Capture Timed Screen) and switch back to your browser. The resulting screen-shot is shown in Grab, and can be saved as TIFF, JPG etc.

MacOS Classic: press shift-cmd-3 to take a screen shot. It will be automatically saved as a bitmap called Photo 'n' (where 'n' is a number) on your hard drive.

Windows PC: Press the ALT + PrtSc Keys simultaneously. This will copy the browser window as an image to the Clipboard. Open an image editing tool that supports the pasting of information (Windows Paintbrush is a simple choice) and press the Ctrl + 'V' keys. Your image should now appear in the paint tool. Then choose Save As and choose a filename and format.


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