Pemberton Run

The October long weekend saw some of the club cruise down to the Tall Timber country around Pemberton. Gary/Lorene brought 'King of the Road, Mick/Pat cruised in the ute, Herbie/Angie & Les/Lynne in their original FE sedans. Brad/Gemma joined  in later with the FC sedan (Surferboysad/Cathy & Geoff/Karen/Deb brought their Japanese plastic cars)



We got together and started with morning tea and cake at Les & Lynnes place.

Before cruising down to Brad & Gemmas country retreat in Bridgetown for lunch,where we all enjoyed home cooked pizzas fresh from the oven. Will Brad have the wagon ready for the Nats???  Brad & Gemma joined us as we all hit the road again to Pemberton for dinner at the local hotel.




Up bright and early Saturday morning and off we go cruising around the countryside... Northcliffe, Quinnininninup, Pemberton, Fontys Pool etc, doing all the regular stuff,  like checking out the shops for old holden memorobilia and stuff and visiting the local museums

and Les gets a parking ticket for blocking the driveway to the caravan park !









Ha  Ha  Hayes laugh


More cruising around the countryside before a stop for lunch in Pemberton. Where Mick claimed ownership of the local Patio Shop ? Garage 


We all bought nice healthy stuff for lunch in the park...... Les enjoyed  a cake cheeky

and being the cultured lot that we are,  we couldn't go past wine and truffles for afternoon tea.

we heard a rumour of some cars being at Deansmill for yabbie racing at the local sports club. So we headed off in that direction

and found this. Belongs to Mike (one of the Locals) Out on its first run

Saturday evening Les payed his parking fine. The girls enjoyed a smoko break while the guys (not surferboy though ! ) cooked dinner on the barbie.

another great weekend with cool sunny days, just perfect for cruising through the Aussie bush with the windows down and the elbow hanging out the window.