19th FE-FC Holden Nationals

19th FE-FC Holden Nationals - Postponed to 2023


The FE-FC Holden Car Club of NSW regret to inform enthusiasts everywhere that the 19th FE-FC Holden Nationals are to be postponed until Easter  2023.


We have not taken this decision lightly, as it will mean a full five years have passed between our national get togethers, the last one having been Canberra in 2018. We are also mindful that participants in the Nationals are predominantly in the senior demographic, so whilst delaying the Nationals another year may impact on the ability of some to drive to the event, obviously the health and wellbeing of all involved must be our paramount concern.


The release of the modelling by the Doherty Institute this week shows the Phase C and Phase D timelines that were officially announced last week reflect only the most optimistic of the modelled scenarios, and it is likely that the impact of the pandemic will continue to be felt around the country well into 2022.


This means continuing uncertainty for travellers, such as snap lockdowns, or the ability to cross state borders in either direction. Additionally, there is no clarity as to how the vaccination status of participants affects travel, their ability to participate in events, enter premises and so on. Given this, it is no surprise that prospective participants have voiced travel hesitancy concerns. We have also found venues, caterers and sponsors similarly unable to make commitments to the event in the current environment.


Taking all these circumstances into consideration, the FE-FC Holden Car Club of NSW feel we have no alternative but to declare the event postponed, and trust that in six to nine months, there will have been sufficient clear air and a well-understood post-Covid “normal” in place that will allow us to host this event. We would rather make the call now, than find ourselves forced to make it when the event is imminent, leaving both ourselves as organisers and you as participants to negotiate refunds of fees and deposits.


We are as disappointed to have to make this announcement as we know you will be to hear it. For over thirty years the FE-FC Holden Nationals have been the pre-eminent social event for classic Holden enthusiasts around Australia. We hope that we can meet up and make up for lost time at Broken Hill over Easter 2023. It's been too long between drinks as it is.


Holden Together,


Richard Thomas
Nationals Director
FE-FC Holden Car Club of NSW


A PDF version of this announcement is available should you wish to distribute it to your members.